Games consoles – for Northern Ireland

Vision Sales are our approved supplier for games consoles in Northern Ireland, and they will contact you within 21 days to discuss your request.  We do not offer a cash alternative for home entertainment items.

If the cost of the item and any warranty you may choose to buy is more than the value of your grant you will have to pay the difference.

If you have not heard from Vision Sales within 21 days of the date of your grant award letter, please contact them on 028 9267 4120.

Your Vision Sales grant is issued with an expiry date of three months from award letter date

Games consoles – for England, Scotland and Wales

Your games console grant will be awarded on a gift card which will be sent to you separately from your grant award letter.

How to activate your card

You must activate your card before use. This can be done by following the instructions below. You will not be able to use your card until it is activated. 

  1. Please make sure you have your PIN before you call. Call Family Fund card phone line on 0844 7709 015 and follow the instructions given. The activation service is available 24hrs a day 365 days a year. 
  2. Select option 1 on your telephone keypad as the card user, and then option 1 again to activate the card. Follow the instructions given.
  3. Enter the 19 digit card number, this can be found on the front of your Family Fund card.
  4. Enter your PIN; this is the 4 digit number you will find in the ‘award method’ section on your award letter. This is not your Family Fund number.
  5. Once activated please store your card in a safe place until you are ready to use it.

Lost your pin number?

You only need the PIN to activate the card, you do not need it to make purchases. You will find the PIN in your award letter. If you have lost your letter please give us a call on 01904 550055.

How to use your grant

In Store

Games console packages must be redeemed in Argos or Currys/PC World where you will need to hand the card to the sales assistant as payment for the items you have selected. You must only use the money on the card to buy a games console (including bundles withe games and accessories) for your child. You may also make a bundle up yourself of a console, games, controllers, accessories, etc, if you wish. If your total bill is more than the amount on your card, you must pay the difference to the assistant before they swipe the card. Any money left on the card can be put towards extra accessories and games. The total amount of the card must be used within six months from the date on your award letter.


Please use the following steps to order your Amazon gift card:

  1. Go to Create a  new personal account or log into your existing Love2shop personal account.
  2. Go to ‘My Cards’ section.
  3. In ‘Select card type’ select Love2shop (with flexecash logo).
  4. Enter code from your Love2shop card. The card will now be added to your account.
  5. Choose the ‘Manage this card or code’ option.
  6. Select to exchange your value for gift cards 
  7. Once processed the gift cards will be posted out to you. Please allow up to 28 days for this to happen.
  8. Once you have the gift cards, you can proceed to the Amazon website and order as usual.
  9. When checking out on Amazon, you must use the gift cards in the ‘Other Payment options’ section.
  10. Enter the gift card number into the 'gift cards & promotional codes' section and continue with the order.

How to use your card to buy your console online at Argos:

  1. Visit the Argos website and add your chosen console to your online basket.
  2. Proceed to the checkout and select your delivery option.
  3. Sign in or register for an Argos account, it's free and only takes seconds to do.
  4. On the payment page input your Love2shop flexicash card number in the gift card and voucher section. As you enter the card number the page will change to request the relevant expiry and card security code. 

Other information about your games console grant

Please keep hold of all your receipts for 12 months from the date you purchased your items as we may write and ask you for them. If you have any problems with your console package you will need to show your receipt to the retailer.

If the games console you require is more expensive than the amount you have been granted then you will need to pay the difference at the time of purchase.

To find out how much is left on the card please call 0844 7709 015, you will not be able to check your card balance in store.

Only the main carer may use the card. Misuse of the card may result in it being withdrawn.

Lost your card? Please call 0844 7709 015 following the instructions and selecting option four.

Download our Home Consoles Leaflet