Inspire is one of our contract providers for family breaks. Inspire work with over 300 agencies and tour operators to bring you the widest variety of family break options, whether you choose to travel in the UK or overseas.

Any break booked through Inspire must include the main carer and the child that you applied for. Additional family members and/or carers can also be included in the booking.

How to use your family break with Inspire

You will receive your Family Breaks card from Inspire in the post.  You can book your break in any of the following ways:


Please visit the Inspire website.

By Phone

You can call Inspire on 0161 440 6743. Select option 2 when prompted.

In Store

To find your nearest independent travel agent that accepts the Inspire card please call Inspire on 0161 440 6743.

Other information about your Inspire grant

Your Inspire grant is issued with an expiry date of six months from issue. This date can be viewed on your Family Fund online account or by calling 0161 440 6743. You must book and spend the grant in full by this date; however your travel date can be anytime after the expiry date. Any unused funds on the date of expiry will be returned to Family Fund.

Lost your card? Please contact Travel by Inspire on 0161 440 6743.

If the break costs more than your grant amount you can choose to add your own money to the grant so that you can find your ideal break.

You can use your grant to book more than one break, just call the dedicated travel team on 0161 440 6743.

Frequently asked questions on family breaks with Inspire

Why is there a booking fee for Center Parcs?

Center Parcs do not have a contract with Family Fund, or any direct relationship with any travel agent. Because of this, Inspire book these holidays on a family’s behalf at Family Fund’s request. Inspire do add a booking fee to cover their costs in providing this service for us, which is made clear to the customer.

Why does my holiday cost as much as it does?

The cost of individual family breaks is determined by Inspire, with the intention of keeping the costs as low as possible for our families. At times it may seem that the cost of an Inspire family break exceeds that of other family break providers. This additional cost can originate from third party family break providers including a booking fee on to the break.

How quickly should they respond to my query?

It can take Inspire time to respond depending on the complexity of the holiday you are looking to book. The more information you have to hand when making your enquiry, including clear dates and budget, the more quickly it should be able to respond.

Can I book face to face with a travel agent?

Where possible, we encourage families to book direct with Inspire as they will often offer the best deal for a family. However, if you do wish to make a booking face-to-face, Inspire has a number of contracts with some independent travel agents that mean you can pop into their shops to book your holiday face-to-face. To find where your nearest participating travel agent shop is, please call Inspire on 0161 440 6743.

Can we make bookings directly with hotels, campsites and other small travel organisations?

Inspire only makes bookings with licensed, reputable operators to ensure that a family is not at risk of losing their grant if their holiday is suddenly cancelled at short notice or through bad practice on the part of the operator. This sometimes restricts them to recognised names or national organisations as the smaller venues are not always properly licenced in this way.

Can I use my Inspire grant to book a family break at Butlin’s?

Yes, you can book a family break at Butlin’s through Inspire, at no additional cost compared to booking with Butlin's directly.

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