Life can cost more when you are a family raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person. You may have higher bills to pay each month. You might need to make additional purchases for items like specialist play equipment. Perhaps you have more essentials to cover too, like transport costs, specialist food or clothing.

For families raising a disabled child or young person, there is funding and financial support available. Your child could also be eligible for grants and additional disability benefits and entitlements.

Explore our ‘Get help with money matters’ webpage and take a look at the resources available.

You can find out more about other useful organisations that support financial health, try out some money saving tools and access our own free online courses too.

Where to get advice and support


  • UK is the website for the UK Government. This is the best place to find out about government services and important information that may affect you and your family. 

  • You should use GOV.UK to get guidance on housing, debt, transport and disability services. You can also use UK to find the information you need to apply for the benefits you may be entitled to.

Sometimes the type of benefits you can apply for depend on which nation you live in. You can find more about nation specific financial support at:

Finances online

  • Finances online is a free online service run by Family Fund. 
  • Go to our finances online page to find free online courses on how to save money, that you can complete at a time to suit you.

finances online


Find out how you can get online to: 

  • Manage your bills
  • Get a better energy deal
  • Save money shopping
  • Check your benefits
  • Find grants online 
  • Stay safe online


  • MoneyHelper exists to make your money and pension choices clearer. They exist to put you in control of your money. MoneyHelper is backed by the government and the service is free for you to use.

  • MoneyHelper helps people to clear their debts, reduce their spending and make the most of their income. Moneyhelper can also support you with how plan for major purchases and find out about benefit entitlements. They can also help you to build up your savings and pensions, and learn about all the available options.



  • Turn2us are a national charity that help people in financial hardship get access to benefits, charitable grants and support services.

  • Turn2us provide free online resources to help better your financial situation. You can also find easy to use online tools, including a benefits calculator and a grants search.

  • You can use the benefit calculator to find out if you are entitled to additional benefits that you are not currently receiving, such as Carer’s Allowance. You can also check to see if you are receiving the right amount of benefits for the entitlements you are already receiving.

Citizens Advice

  • Citizens Advice are a network of charities that provide free confidential advice online, over the phone and in person.

  • Go online to Citizens Advice to find online resources on handling your benefits, dealing with debt and housing support, as well as guidance on family life.


  • Contact are the support charity for families with disabled children. Contact help parents and carers feel confident and informed about the challenges of raising a disabled child. They give guidance and advice on topics from education to health and social care services. Contact also provide advice and guidance about the additional benefits and financial support that your family could be eligible for.

  • Contact run a free listening ear helpline. The service offers 1-1 telephone appointments with a family support adviser for parents or carers who are looking for a listening ear, reassurance and practical and emotional support.


StepChange Debt Charity


  • StepChange Debt Charity is the UK’s leading debt advice charity. They help hundreds of thousands of people each year deal with their money worries with free, impartial and non-judgmental advice.

  • Whether you need debt advice, a way to get your finances back on track after coronavirus, support with budgeting, or managing persistent debt, StepChange can help.

  • You can go online and use the StepChange debt remedy for free, at a time that suits you. The tool takes around 20 minutes to complete and you can get expert, personalised and confidential debt advice. They will recommend the best course of action for your circumstances, and help you start to take control of your finances.

Watch the StepChange video below to find out more about the StepChange Debt Remedy tool:


Family Fund provide grants to families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. There are other charities and grant providers similar to Family Fund, who can also provide grants to families who need them.


Reuse Network

  • The Reuse Network support the work of reuse charities across the UK. They aim to help alleviate poverty by providing essential items to families in need.

Trussell Trust

  • Trussell Trust are a charity who have 1,200 food banks across the UK. They provide emotional and practical support around accessing food.

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