Please note: If you are a family living in Wales, please visit our Wales application pages to find out more about grants available.

We will look at any grant request that relates to the needs of your disabled or seriously ill child, young person and your family, as long as the item requested is not the responsibility of a statutory agency.  A statutory agency includes places such as local authorities or health services. 

Our most frequently requested grants include washing machines, sensory toys, family breaks, bedding, tablets, furniture, outdoor play equipment, clothing, and computers. We offer grants for many more things too, and are happy for you to contact us with requests for things that you think will help meet your child's additional needs.

See our grant items here.

When applying, think about what would make a difference to you and your child. We consider grant requests in order of priority.  If you would like to ask for more than one item, make sure you tell us what is the most important item first.

We have limited funding and we may not be able to help with everything you have asked for, especially where items are of a high value.

Once we have made a decision on your application, you will receive an award letter to explain whether or not we can provide a grant and how it will be provided. Please check your award letter for details on how to use your grant. If you have any questions about your award letter, please contact us.

Our grants are provided through a range of suppliers. Using suppliers allows us to arrange discounts to ensure our funding goes further and helps more families.  For some grants we may make a BACS (bank) payment direct to a nominated bank account.

Find out more about the main suppliers we work with.

Read some of our families’ stories to see what sort of things other people have been helped with.

Changing your requests

We can consider changing your request.

If you have not heard about your application but wish to change your grant request, please visit the contact us page, and select the ‘I would like to change my grant request’ drop down option.

If you have received your award letter, please be advised that we can only consider changing your request within three months of the original award date. To do this, please email us with details on why you would like to change your grant, what you would like to change it to and how it will meet your child’s extra care needs.

Please note: There may be a delay in receiving your grant item due to the impact of Coronavirus on our team and suppliers. Please visit our Coronavirus page for more information.

We are not able to consider requests for:

  • A car, other vehicle or driving lessons
  • Items already purchased
  • Requests where a statutory agency (such as local authorities or health services) has assessed a need and have a responsibility to provide the item.

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