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Family Fund uses its own Child and Young Person’s Eligibility Criteria to assess whether a child is eligible for a grant. This criteria is based on a social model of disability.

Children and young people with additional support due to a disability, disabling condition or with a serious or life limiting illness meet our criteria if:

  • There is evidence that their additional needs mean that their family is not able to enjoy ordinary life. This may be because the degree of planning and support needed to support their child is much greater than that usually required to meet the needs of children.


  • They require a high level of additional support in three or more of Family Fund’s seven areas of support below.


  • Their condition is long term or life limiting. When we refer to long term we mean lasting or likely to last 12 months or more.

Family Fund 'Seven Areas of Support'

If your child needs additional support in at least three of the seven areas below, they are likely to be eligible for a grant:

Personal care: Your child needs physical support with feeding, washing, toileting or moving and transferring.

Access to social activities: Your child needs support engaging socially and taking part in activities.

Education: Your child needs support with their education and learning. You will need to let us know who gives this assistance and in what ways.

Communication: Your child needs support listening, speaking and understanding.

Supervision and Vigilance: Your child needs supervision and measures in place to ensure their safety.

Medical or therapeutic treatment or condition management: Your child needs support in the form of treatment or therapy. You will need to let us know what therapy is given, who does this, how often and when.

Physical environment and specialist resources: Your child needs physical adaptations and adjustments to help them. You will need to let us know what specialist equipment or resources are used.

Children and young people do not need a formal diagnosis to meet Family Fund criteria, but their additional support needs must arise from a disability or disabling condition. 

If you feel your child meets all of the necessary criteria, you can apply now. Please ensure that your family meet all of our general eligibility criteria which can be found on our 'Who do we help?' page.

Who do we help?  Apply now