Family Fund Mobility Support is a pilot scheme provided by Family Fund and Motability to help families raising a disabled or seriously ill child under three years old meet their mobility needs by providing a discretionary grant to lease a car for a limited time.

Who can apply?

The scheme is only open to families who meet Family Fund eligibility criteria (including income criteria) and have a child aged under three years with:

  • A need for substantial equipment due to their conditions or treatment (such as a mobility aid, oxygen/suction or other bulky monitoring or medical equipment), or
  • An immune suppressing condition, or
  • High levels of pain that impacts their mobility needs, or
  • An unstable condition requiring frequent unexpected emergency inpatient treatment, or
  • A significant number of appointments on a frequent basis at multiple treatment centres, related to their condition.

Families must also be able to say yes to the following:

  • The parent/carer, or someone involved in the child’s care, has a current UK driving licence.
  • Nobody else in the household already claims the mobility element of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and is using their Mobility component to lease a vehicle though the Motability scheme.

How to apply

If you are raising a disabled or seriously ill child under the age of three, and think you might be eligible, please contact our team on [email protected].

Click here to read the Family Fund Mobility Support Terms and Conditions.