Planning on a break in the UK or Ireland? We work in partnership with Center Parcs, and their team will be happy to help you arrange a break to suit your family.

How to use your Center Parcs grant

Your Family Fund grant will be sent directly to Center Parcs. You can call Center Parcs to make a booking by ringing 03448 267723 if calling from England, Scotland or Wales or 03448 2677749 if in Northern Ireland.

Any break booked with the Center Parcs must include the main carer and the child that you applied for. Additional family members and/or carers can also be included on the booking.

How long is my Family Breaks grant valid for?

Center Parcs grants are issued with an expiry date of six months from the date of your award letter. You must book your break and spend the grant in full by this date, however your date of travel can be any time after the expiry date. If there are any unused funds after six months, these will be returned to Family Fund.

If you have made a booking and need some support please call the Pre-Arrival Service team on 01623 837134.

What if the break we want costs more than our grant amount?

The Family Fund grant is a contribution towards the cost of a family break. You can add your own money and book a more expensive break but you will need to discuss payment options and balance due dates when booking your break.

Download our Center Parcs leaflet