From 9:00am on Tuesday 3 May 2022, the grant reapplication timescale in England will change from 12 months to 15 months.

This means that families who live in England and who have already received a grant from Family Fund, will need to wait 15 months from the date of their last application before they can apply for another grant.  For example, a family who applied in May 2021 would be eligible to apply again in August 2022.

Below are some questions and answers that provide more information about this change:

What is changing? 

From 3 May, 2022, families in England will be able to re-apply to us for a grant 15 months after their last application, rather than 12 months. This application timescale change is for England only.  The reapplication timescale in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has not changed.

Why are we making this change? 

Over the past two years more families have applied for support than ever before, and prices on grant items have risen.  This puts a lot of pressure on our funding.  By changing our reapplication timescale from 12 to 15 months in England, we can make the money stretch to as many families as possible, and we can continue to provide the full cost of a grant item to families in most cases.

When will this change come into effect? 

This change will come into effect from 9:00am on Tuesday 3 May, 2022. 

When can families next apply? 

Families in England can apply again 15 months from the date we received your last application.  Please note it is 15 months from the date we received your application NOT the date you received their grant item. 

I am applying to Family Fund for the first time.  Will this affect my application?

No.  This change only relates to families who are applying to us for the second time, or any number of times after that. First-time applications will be processed as usual. 

I’ve had a grant before and I’ve already applied to Family Fund for subsequent grant.  Will this affect my application?

If you had already submitted your application before 3 May 2022, and we have acknowledged it, it is already in progress and will be considered as usual.

Now the reapplication timescale has changed to 15 months, my child will turn 18 before I am eligible to make a new application.  Can I still apply?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept applications to the core fund for children aged 18 or over.  If your child will turns 18 before you are eligible to apply again, you may want to consider our Your Opportunity programme, which supports young people aged between 18 and 24.

I need help urgently, can I apply earlier than 15 months?

Our reapplication timescale in England is now 15 months.  If you would like to find out about other benefits or grants that you might be eligible for, you might find it helpful to use our benefits calculator or our grant finder tool.

Why are you making this change now? 

We could only make this change once we knew for certain what our funding would be for the coming year, and had been able to assess all the different options. 

Is this a permanent change?

Yes.  From 3 May 2022 the reapplication timescale in England will be 15 months and this is a permanent change to our terms and conditions.  We might look at this again if our funding changes significantly, but this is unlikely to happen in the near future.

Why is Family Fund not asking its funders for more money?

We work hard throughout the year to champion the needs of low-income families raising disabled or severely ill children with funders, and make a compelling case for additional funding.  We will continue with this work, but we recognise that funders also often have many demands on their budgets, and it isn’t always possible for them to increase their funding to us. 

I can’t remember exactly when I last applied to Family Fund.  How can I check my reapply date?

You can use the reapplication date checker on our website to check when you are next able to make an application. You can find the reapplication date checker here.

I have another question, where can I go for help?

Use our contact form or email us at: [email protected]