Jamie's Story

Family Fund grants were a great help in creating an outdoor area for him. Somewhere he can enjoy his trampoline and now his sensory toys. Read more

Martin's Story

“I would never have been able to afford a family trip myself, as the cost of living is so high. They had the most amazing time, and I’m extremely thankful for Family Fund." Read more

Jake and Lewis' Story

Grants such as football lessons, Scouts funds and bicycles have all helped to get Jake and Lewis out and active. Watch their story... Read more

Chloe's Story

"You have given us a stress free weekend that we will always remember." Read more

Rich's Story #LivingWithout

“We are getting by, but don’t have the money to replace expensive items." Read more

Kaden's Story

"We all had an amazing time together as a family and I am so thankful to Family Fund for helping us.” Read more

Toby-Jay's Story

"It helped me so much. It meant I could stay with him, buy him clothes and support him while he was in hospital.” Read more

Brody's story

Brody loves watching videos on his iPad and playing with his sister in the garden. Watch Brody's full story... Read more

Donnie's Story

"The grants mean we can do something that really interests Donnie." Read more

Cameron's story

Cameron needed something to help him burn off his excess energy in a safe environment. Watch Cameron's video to find out more... Read more

Jessica's Story

“The special needs bike trailer means we will be able to get out and about as a family." Read more

Mia's story

'Mia is absolutely full of life and going for it' Watch Mia's story here Read more

George's Story

“Our Portage worked mention that Family Fund are a charity that can consider grants for things such as sensory toys – the type that George needed. Read more

Jake's story

“It was very tough when Jake was little, he was diagnosed in the March before he turned two, so that time was a blur of physio, hospital appointments and operations" Read more

Charlie's Story

“These family break grants have enabled us to escape a stressful home life and medical needs. We can enjoy quality time together as a family, away from the distractions of daily life." Read more