Jack's Story

"Having something we could all enjoy together, and benefit Jack developmentally, was a priority." Read more

Amelia's Story

"In a world where parents are continually exhausted – wading through the system and often having to fight for the necessary support for their children – Family Fund have been a huge welcome relief for us." Read more

Alfie's Story

“Alfie loves being outside, so a safe place for him to play is an absolute must." Read more

Elsie's story

“Having to shield has undoubtedly left us feeling very anxious, isolated and exhausted." Read more

Elijah's story

Elijah is extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus, having reduced immunity and a lung condition. The family are among the 27% of survey responders who are on the official shielding list. Read more

Skye's Story

“The grant has reduced her frustration and in the long term, the laptop will be invaluable in helping Skye complete her work without having to physically write.” Read more

Freddie's Story

“We can’t afford a break on one salary, so the grants from Family Fund have given us the chance to get away together and have a change of scene." Read more

Isaac's Story

“The bike has made such an incredible difference to both Isaac and us as a family." Read more

Amelia's Story

“The iPad has been so beneficial for her learning and social skills – she uses it daily which is amazing!” Read more

Evan's Story

‘I have always been Evan’s full-time carer so Family Fund have helped our family over a number of years.’ Read more

Zoe's Story

“Max is still a very small puppy and our aim is to train him fully so he can become an emotional support dog for Zoe. And it’s thanks to Family Fund that we’ve been able to get Max.” Read more

Bowie's Story

‘I will always be grateful to Family Fund and I couldn’t recommend them enough for their support.’ Read more

Harry's Story

‘Life changes when you have children and you never know who they are going to be. Our lives are very different from others, but we work together to make sure we all have what we want from life.’ Read more

William, Matthew and George's story

'We are extremely grateful for all the help we have had from Family Fund and my children would be lost without this support as it’s all the support we have ever received.” Read more

Hadley's story

Hadley survived Meningitis but sustained severe brain damage. Watch Hadley's story here. Read more