We believe that all families raising disabled and seriously ill children should have the same opportunities as others. These families across the UK face many daily challenges which range from juggling hospital appointments, medication and caring for siblings to finding local support groups and advice on conditions. Family Fund exists to remove some of the barriers that these families face, to improve their quality of life and increase inclusion.

This is where you come in. We provided 88,119 grants and services to families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people in 2016/17, but there are over 900,000 disabled children registered in the UK. With your help, we can develop new services to families to provide support when they need it the most. It can cost over three times more to raise a disabled child than that of a non-disabled child, which make it all the more challenging when your household is on lower incomes anyway.

Families tell us every day the difference we make, but we need more help from fundraisers so we can continue to make a difference to the lives of disabled and seriously ill children and their families. Take a look at some of the families we have helped.

Your support and fundraising helps us to further break down the barriers and ease the additional pressures that families face, making life easier, and improving the wellbeing of parents and carers. From tea parties to 10Ks, the money you raise will help us develop and deliver new ways in which to support families raising disabled or seriously ill children. Read the stories of some of our amazing fundraisers.

Take a look at our fundraising ideas page for some inspiration and how to get started.

Contact us if you're interested in finding out more about fundraising or volunteering for Family Fund.