If you have received a grant from us before, the date of when you can apply again depends on where you live.

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you have not received a grant in 2021, you can apply for one today


The terms of our funding mean we must provide items that support giving families a break. We know that taking a break or having a day trip isn’t possible right now, so we can also help with items that help to take a ‘break’ at home. This can be items such as outdoor play equipment; games, books and music; computers and tablets; sensory toys and equipment.

If you received a grant between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021, you can only apply for extra items to support you and your family during lockdown such as sensory toys, computers, tablets, games, books and music. You cannot apply for a family break or day trip.

If you have not received a grant since 1 April 2021 you can apply for one today.