“This family had gone through such a tough year that I was determined to help them.”

“I recently took a call from a mom of twin boys under the age of one year old, who had recently applied to a Family Fund grant, and who was looking for help from our mobility scheme.The family have been having a very difficult year as both parents have been furloughed and live in a remote area in Northern Ireland away from family. Due to lockdown and Covid restrictions, the twins have not been able to see any family members as of yet since they were born and both parents have been looking after them alone.

I asked a series of questions, and found out that the family were currently attending around nine hospital appointments a week so were constantly going to different appointments. The family also advised that the car they currently owned had broken down and was beyond repair, so it would be really expensive to fix. They also were unable to use public transport or taxi’s due to the child’s additional needs.

This family had gone through such a tough year that I was determined to help them. After I got off the phone, I spoke to Grant services to see if there was any way that we could move the family’s application along so that they could get started on the mobility application. Grant Services advised that they had just found that the child was eligible and awarded the family with outdoor play equipment that day which was a great result!

I then spoke to our Eligibility and Decision Making Team (EDMT) for Family Fund mobility and asked if the family’s application could be looked at as soon as possible due to the family’s current urgent need for a vehicle. The team agreed that we could start looking at their application ASAP so the family wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on fixing their car.

During all of this process, I was passionate to help this family, and thanks to the equal determination of my colleagues, the family received a Family Fund grant and are also now in the process of applying for mobility support. This meant that the family contacted us, were set up and made eligible for mobility in less than 24 hours!

I then called the family to tell them the great news and the family were overwhelmed with our support: Having a car will make such a difference to the family’s life and really gave them a boost when they needed it.”