Tired all the Time, published in 2013, reveals the impact of sleep difficulties on households, capturing first hand experiences of over 2,000 parent and carers raising disabled children across the UK in their own words.

Key findings show: 

  • Over 93% are up in the night with their children
  • 49% have health issues due to the lack of sleep
  • 22% have had relationship problems as a result
  • 11% experience tiredness at work
  • 15% are concerned about siblings and the wider family’s health
  • Almost a third had not sought professional support.

Parents, carers and wider family members, including siblings, are experiencing significant financial, social and emotional challenges as a direct result of not having enough sleep.

Families from across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales shared with us how widespread the issue of sleep deprivation is. This report is in response to the demand to raise the issue on families’ behalf, giving them a voice. The report draws attention to this key health issue that can affect the whole family’s health and well-being with long-term consequences such as limiting opportunities in education and employment.

Families’ responses identified three key needs to be shared with policy and decision makers across the UK and other charitable organisations:

  • To be listened to, believed and heard when they talk about sleep difficulties
  • Their concerns are acted upon at an early stage
  • Timely and regular support, not just one consultation, as sleep deprivation is often not a short term problem.

Read the report.

We have now developed our own website with a wide range of tips and resources to help parents raising disabled children who are experiencing sleep issues. Click here to visit Tired Out to find out more.