Family Fund is the UK’s largest charity providing grants for families on low incomes raising disabled or seriously ill children. Last year, we provided 150,000 grants or services to families across the UK. 

We couldn’t deliver this vital support without our staff, who are passionate about making a difference. We fundamentally believe in equity and inclusion. These beliefs and our values influence all that we do: We are Supportive, Connected, Passionate, and Determined.

Based primarily in York we employ over 150 members of staff in a variety of roles. We also have over 150 self-employed Independent Assessors who meet with our families to carry out assessments of need throughout the country.

From grants services to our contact centre team; from partnership engagement to finance; from fundraising to service delivery and from communications and marketing to ICT, and more – whatever the role, our staff are making a big difference. We are a great place to work for great people and we are delighted to introduce you to some of our team:

'Family Fund is the best place I’ve worked. For the first time in my career, I feel listened to, heard, validated and supported.

In the past, when I disclosed that I consider myself to be disabled with mental ill-health, I have been stigmatised and discriminated against. At Family Fund, however, I am understood by my manager without being singled out for special treatment, or given easier work. I feel like I am finally being treated with equity, empathy and without discrimination or stigma.

Having this feeling of safety has allowed me to be authentically myself at work, which means I’m also happier at home and I’m progressing more personally.

I never thought I’d be writing something positive about my experience in the workplace. It sounds sad, but this is what having anxiety in the workplace has resulted in so often. I just craved somewhere that was safe and stable where I could be myself, my full self. Which I’ve now got.'

– Lauren Ruddock


'My role at Family Fund is focused on overseeing our research work and I am also a values champion. Through our research, we seek to understand the challenges and barriers facing families raising disabled children and young people, and what difference our grants and services make in addressing these.

I’ve worked in the charity sector for a while now, because the mission and ‘why’ I’m doing anything is really important to me. But I think that only goes so far in what makes a charity (or any organisation) a good place to work. The ‘how’ is also critical. I wanted to be a values champion, so I had the chance to be part of bringing to life our ‘how’. It’s been great to see the way our values have been taken on across the organisation, and even when I just look at my own role and how we approach our research, I see the values in action every day.

Our supportive value comes through in how we approach our research- being here to listen and caring about what families say, learning more about their lives and how our grants and services are meeting their needs. Our connected value is demonstrated in how we work across the charity, and with other organisations, to share what families say to us through our research and, together, find ways of responding.. The pride we have when we see how the research turns into action or hear from families about the positive difference we are making to their lives, illustrates our passionate value. And finally, how we continue to want to understand, and do more for the families we’re here to serve, speaks to our determined value.'

– Rich Hughes

Family Fund is committed to staff development whilst offering excellent benefits, including flexi-time, competitive annual leave entitlement, a contributory pension scheme and, above all, a professional, fun working environment where a positive work-life balance is encouraged. Family Fund is also a Disability Confident Employer and a Living wage employer. You can see our current vacancies here.