Family Fund is grateful for the support we receive from funders, agencies, organisations and individuals.


Family Fund receives grant funding from all four UK governments: Department for Education; Department of Health (Northern Ireland); Scottish Government; and Welsh Government. We also receive funding from private donors and individuals every year. We are also pleased to announce that we have received additional funding in 2021 through our partnership with McCain.


Our contracted suppliers help us to make our money go further. These include AOArgos, Atlantic TrampolinesHaven, Learning SPACE, Stone, Inspire and Vision Sales.

Sector partners

We work with a range of sector partners on campaigns and reports such as Children in Scotland, Children in Northern Ireland, Children in WalesCouncil for Disabled Children and the Disabled Children's Partnership.

We are pleased to work with partners on essential projects and programmes that better support disabled children, young people and their families such as our Tired Out sleep support hub, our Digital Training programme, and helping families to get access to benefits and welfare support amongst other information advice and support services and events. These include Contact, Good Things Foundation, The Marian Elizabeth Trust, The Children's Sleep Charity, Cerebra, KIDS, National Autistic Society, Scope, Sense, Caudwell Children and Newlife Foundation.

Other campaigns and reports we have supported include:

  • The implementation of the recommendations of 2014’s parliamentary inquiry into childcare costs for disabled children, including removing barriers to accessing childcare support and ensuring local authorities are making families aware of the free childcare currently available for parents of under-5s.
  • A cross-departmental strategy for addressing the needs of disabled children, as advocated in Every Disabled Child Matters’ Right From The Start report.
  • The recommendations of the Extra Costs Commission’s report into the costs faced by disabled people, including for government and regulators to intervene when features of markets result in unfair extra costs for disabled people.

If you would like to work with Family Fund to help give disabled children, young people and their families the same opportunities as others, please get in touch.