By 2022 we will be providing 150,000 grants and services a year to families across the UK. That’s an increase of over 60,000 on 2017/18’s total of 88,407.

How will we do it?

When we began work on our new strategy, we knew we had to think carefully about what families need, and what we can practically provide. In our last strategy, From Aspiration to Action, we noted that “the need for our work is even greater”, and although we have made significant strides to help more families raising disabled or seriously ill children across the UK in the last three years, the statement is unfortunately still very true.

To deliver this, we intend to reach more families that need financial support through our grant-making, but also respond to the wider needs of families by providing improved information and guidance.

To deliver this wider support, we will need to secure and grow our funding, raise our profile among families, professionals and the wider public, and ensure families are at the heart of our decision-making and communications.

Our new strategy is focused around improving our work in these four key areas that between them underpin these ambitions:

Transform our support

  • Continue to provide practical financial support that is meaningful and led by the family’s choice that supports their real and immediate need.
  • Meet the wider support needs of families, ensuring all families are offered information, advice and support alongside their grant application.
  • Keep developing our application processes and methods of information provision so they are as accessible as possible (across online, paper, telephone and third party referral) and reflect families’ preference and availability.

Reach out across the UK

  • Significantly expand our network of families, professionals and supporters to ensure we are known across the UK as an organisation that improves the wellbeing of disabled and seriously ill children and young people.
  • Produce evidence of how our work delivers solutions, improves outcomes for families and enables positive change in every UK country.

Make families’ voices heard

  • Introduce new ways for families to have a greater say in Family Fund direction and policy.
  • Provide ways for parents, carers, children and young people and their families to share their experiences and influence others.

Secure our future

  • Strengthen our financial position by increasing the diversity of our funding sources.
  • Provide increased funding for grants and services for families in all four UK countries.
  • Increase gifted profits from our trading subsidiary.

Read the full strategy and find out more about how we will expand and evolve the support we provide to families.