Tired Out, Family Fund’s new sleep support service, is live and ready to support parents and carers of disabled children with sleep issues.

In 2013 Family Fund asked families from across the UK about how sleep difficulties affect them, leading to the issue of our publication of the report Tired all the Time.

Within the report parents, carers, siblings and wider family members, told us that they “experience significant financial, social and emotional challenges as a direct result of not having enough sleep. They told us that they want to be listened to, heard and also be better able to access information and support.”

“For me? Well, I know it could be a lot worse and for that I am extremely grateful. However, it is far from ideal. Our son Brody tends to wake up in the middle of the night and come into our bed (and then wake up again at 5 o’something).  I say our bed, to prevent further disruption to our son and baby daughters sleep, I currently sleep in our daughter’s room on a camp bed and Brody frequently sleeps with Super Daddy. Yes, I am aware that this is far from normal, however, it’s our normal and at the moment, it works for us. Doing what works for you is so important” - ‘Wide Awake Club’ – Laura, Family Fund Blogger

Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of the Council for Disabled Children, said “Sleep is fundamental for good physical and mental health and it’s often a fundamental that families of disabled children are denied. The sleep hub is an innovative programme that brings together all the resources into one place and helps to an ultimate goal – that a good night’s sleep is realised for both parent and child. I wish it every success.”

Cheryl Ward, Chief Executive of Family Fund, said "I recall vividly the findings of Tired All the Time, and the daily mental, physical and emotional challenges that families told us they face when sleep eludes them night after night. For many families, sleepless nights continue on relentlessly, year after year, sometimes well into adulthood, with often varying levels of support or advice available.”

We were committed to do more for these families so working with a range of partner organisations we created Tired Out. Tired Out aims to support families to make things easier by pulling all the information and resource around sleep in one place. We hope to make it easier to find out about what is available in your local area, useful tips and a wide range of resources, providing a complete sleep support service.

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