Family Fund welcomes additional funding from the Scottish Government for parents and carers of disabled children and young people

Family Fund has received additional funding of £377,000 from the Scottish Government. This funding is part of a £4million funding package announced by the Scottish Government in order to help provide support to unpaid carers, in recognition of the enormous role they play in looking after loved ones, and the added pressure many have faced during the pandemic.

The timing is welcome, as this winter, 36% of carers of disabled children in Scotland who responded to a survey by Family Fund told us that they cannot afford to keep their accommodation warm enough. Meanwhile, almost half (47%) are spending 100 hours a week or more caring for their disabled child.

Cheryl Ward, Chief Executive of Family Fund, said:

“We welcome this additional funding from the Scottish Government to help provide financial support to unpaid carers who are raising a child our young person with a disability or serious illness. Previous funding provided support to 2,849 parents and carers and we look forward to extending that support as parents and carers continue to face financial pressures following the pandemic”