The campaign group End Child Poverty has published its new research into children living in poverty in each UK parliamentary constituency.

The research concludes that as many as three million children are living in households that are in poverty. 

Levels of poverty varied significantly across the country; in some areas as many as 47% of children are judged to be living in poverty. The research shows that child poverty is highest in large cities, particularly in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The parliamentary constituencies with the lowest levels of child poverty are deemed to be Gordon, West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Sheffield Hallam and York Outer (with figures of between 9 and 10%).

The research was prepared for the campaign by The Centre for Research in Social Policy, using data from 2015 and calculating poverty using information from the HMRC and the Labour Force Survey.

The research has been projected onto an interactive map, so you can see how your area compares.

Family Fund Chief Executive, Cheryl Ward, welcomed the publication.

“This new research shines a light on the conditions experienced by many of our children. We know that poverty affects health, happiness and life chances, and at Family Fund we try to alleviate some of the impact by providing grants and support to families with disabled or seriously ill children who need support with essential items for their children. Reality is that anyone can experience poverty as so many different things can conspire to create it; that is why we all need to be doing what we can, so we are a country free of child poverty.”

The End Child Poverty campaign is made up of nearly 100 organisations united in a vision of a UK free of child poverty. Family Fund is a member of End Child Poverty. You can see more about its members, its work and its calls to action on the End Child Poverty website.