Today we launch our Annual Review 2014/15, the heart of everything we do which outlines the impact of our grants and support services for 72,043 families across the UK – our highest number in 42 years of existence.

We exist to give families on low incomes raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people the same opportunities as others.  See how we do this by hearing from the families themselves both in the Annual Review and on our family stories page.

  • Of the 81,917 applications received from families for grants, 69,464 were helped with over £33 million in grants and services.  This is a 3.8% increase on the previous year on the same level of funding.
  • There has been a 22.5% increase in families helped in the UK over the last five years. The most grants were awarded for family breaks, with 28,796 families receiving support.
  • A total of 2,551 families received help within 48 hours of their urgent application being received, after finding themselves in unexpected financial crisis, for example towards visiting costs during their child’s hospital care.
  • A further 2,579 UK families were helped through smaller programmes, including grants for siblings and support with access to claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA).
  • This annual review also outlines how the charity continues to deliver its services efficiently, with 94p in every £1 being spent on direct charitable purposes.

Cheryl Ward, Family Fund Group Chief Executive said:

“Last year, we helped more families than ever before across the UK, with 72,043 families receiving support. This is at a time when families are faced with uncertainty about what support services will be available to them in the future, with some already cut.”

“We believe that all families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people should have the same opportunities as others and these grants are a small way of helping to achieve that. This is made possible because of the support we receive from the four UK governments, along with our corporate partners and loyal supporters, and we will be working hard to ensure we are able to help as many families as possible this year.”

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