Family Fund has received an additional £100,000 of funding for grants for families on low incomes raising disabled or seriously ill children in Wales from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Families can now apply for grants for essential items such as clothing, bedding, washing machines or other white goods, or household items such as beds.

This includes families in Wales who had received a grant in the last three years and were therefore not eligible to apply to Family Fund again due to changes in our funding. 

Family Fund estimates that this funding will allow us to make grants to over 200 more families in Wales who have recently been unable to receive support due to funding changes. 

"Families truly need our help"

Chief Executive of Family Fund, Cheryl Ward, said:This grant of £100,000 is a welcome addition from Garfield Weston and evidences the need to support families across Wales.  

"As the largest UK charity providing grants of this kind, we see families on low incomes struggling year on year to meet the challenges of their child’s condition and give them the best possible quality of life, despite often being among those in society with the least.

"Recent changes to funding in Wales have meant that Family Fund has been unable to help the number of families it has previously, with families only able to seek support once every three years, instead of annually if they need to.

"The Garfield Weston Foundation’s generous donation means that we can now reach back out to more than 200 of these families and provide essential support that many thought they would have to go without.

"Raising a disabled child costs around three times that of raising a child with no additional needs; families truly need our help and we are delighted to be able to give it once again.”

Alfie’s story 

Alfie has seven brothers and sisters, five of whom are disabled. He is deaf, has cerebral palsy and verbal and motor dyspraxia. His mum Carol, was awarded a grant for clothing for her son in 2016. Carol said:

“Alfie is a bubbly, active child who loves climbing, playing and jumping about, but due to his cerebral palsy and dyspraxia, he falls regularly. It’s not unusual for him to tear and pull holes in two or three pairs or trousers every week.

"Buying him cheap clothes has proved pointless because they fall to bits within days, so I try and choose decent quality tops and bottoms that will last. I’m a working mum and I make do and mend where we can, but unfortunately it’s always a struggle to keep up. 

"We were awarded a grant from Family Fund which has provided him with hard-wearing, comfy clothes which will keep him going for months. I could even let him choose some of the things he liked in the shop, which is a luxury for a family like ours.

"We are delighted that the new funding means we can apply to Family Fund again next year, which we couldn’t have done before. We still struggle to give the children all they need and deserve, but Family Fund is a lifeline which has been there for our children time and time again over the years.”

Click here to find out more about how to apply for a grant if you live in Wales.