Huge Congratulations to Ellen Badger, mum of twins George and Ruby, aged 7, from Sheffield for completing 10 races/100 miles all over Yorkshire all in aid of Family Fund.

"I’ve done it!!! 100 miles all in aid of the Family Fund. It was a bit tough to be honest but there was no chance of giving up. I’ve loved every minute... mostly, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me."

"My son George suffers from Autism and ADHD and Family Fund is a charity able to help families caring for children like my son. When I got a notification on Facebook that they were looking for volunteers for the Great North Run it gave me an idea – Rather than fundraise for a different charity for every race why don’t I focus all of my fundraising on the one, I signed up straight away to run for the Family Fund."

"Before January 2014 I was a running novice, I had been losing a bit of weight by going to the gym but as the New Year approached I decided to kick-start my fitness levels with running. I used the ‘Couch potato to 5K’ app and my aim was to run the Race for Life, which I completed even though I broke my ribs two weeks before!"

Ellen ran the Lincoln 10K and Sheffield Half Marathon achieving a new personal best in each race. She ran the Sheffield 5K Colour Run with her daughter Ruby which Ellen said was ‘amazing’, and on the same weekend she ran the Birmingham 10K with her friend. Since then she has continued to progress to the York 10K and Sheffield 10 to 10.

"I’m lucky that my family are very supportive, both the kids and my husband come to cheer me on at every event possible. The kids might not have understood why I kept leaving the house with my Family Fund running vest on at first, but when they saw me finish my first race I think they got it."

"George was recently diagnosed with ADHD as well as Autism and you can try a strategy or routine one day and it will work and then the next he will have a total meltdown. His twin sister Ruby tends to be the brunt of his frustration. Even though George is technically the older of the two she will frequently say that she feels like the big sister, but generally she is very understanding."

"Running has also been great for my own mental health, when I first started I would run alone, it was my time to have my own space. I’ve started running with a group now and that is even better, we have a great laugh, sharing training tips and generally talking a load of claptrap."

"If I was going to share my experience with someone who had just taken up running I would say don’t expect too much from yourself, try not to look at your speed and time, you have run a mile whether it took you 5, 10, 40 minutes is irrelevant you have still run a mile. Also have an event in your diary to motivate you."

Visit Ellen’s JustGiving page if you’d like to make a donation to her fantastic efforts.