Frequently asked questions:

"What if I am not in receipt of any of the benefits listed?"

You may still apply but you will need to provide extra information about your household income.  Our grants are discretionary and subject to available funding. We may decline an application where a family has a significant level of savings, capital or household income.

"Why is there an income limit?"

All our grants are discretionary and subject to available funding, so we may decline an application where a family has a significant level of capital or household income.

"Why can’t you help if my child is in local authority care?"

We are not able to consider applications where a child or young person is in local authority care, including those living with foster carers. Local authorities have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of any child in its care, and meet the needs of the child.

"My child has been assessed as needing a special needs buggy, can you help?"

We are also unable to consider requests where a statutory agency has responsibility to provide an assessed need. A statutory agency includes places such as local authorities or health services.

“My child was eligible last time – will they always be eligible for help?”

We will confirm whether a child meets our disability criteria each time an application is made.  Although children may meet our criteria on a first application, this may change over time due to medical intervention, medication, dietary or other management of their condition or as they get older.  

“My child was not eligible for help before.  Can I apply again?“

Although a child may not be eligible for help when you first apply, this can change over time. A child may meet our criteria at a later date. This may be due to changes in condition or family circumstances.

Please note - If you are in doubt as to whether your child or young person would meet Family Fund's criteria, please apply. When we receive your application, we will check that it meets all our eligibility criteria.