Need a bit of inspiration? Read the stories from our amazing fundraisers.

Lyn's egg-cellent Easter raffle

Meet Lyn, one of our creative fundraisers. Lyn put her spare time and creative hobby to good use with the brilliant idea of a knitted sheep basket filled with chocolate treats and raffling it off on the lead up to Easter.

Violet's lockdown lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That's exactly what 5 year old Violet did to raise over £1000 in just one week! Read her full story here.

Boxing Day Dip

The Christmas chill didn't dampen Olivia's spirits as she suited up and headed straight into the North Sea to raise money for a cause close to her heart.

Just keep swimming

Chloe refused to let the cold, cancellations or Coronavirus stop her from completing her own Great Swim to fundraise for a great cause. She braced the winter weather and jumped in the pool to support Family Fund.

Our Great North Runner

Joelle put her headphones in and her trainers on, and tackled the 13.1 miles completely on her own. Having initially signed up for the Great North Run in January she decided she was going to complete her challenge no matter what.

Tackling 100km on a tandem

Emily and her son, Rafi, tackled our '100km of Summer' challenge on a special tandem bike. Touring round the scenic countryside they exceeded all expectation and completed over 230km.

Read their inspiring story here.

Aminu's Big Half

In 2020, Aminu set his sights on fundraising for Family Fund. “Every little helps!” Aminu explained. “I kept thinking that there are other families in the same position as me. I wanted to help".

Read Aminu's full fundraising story here.

100 kilometres in 1 week

Sarah tackles a challenge each year to raise money for Family Fund, and a local lockdown was not going to stop her. Read about how Sarah smashed 100km in a week with her Labrador as a companion.

The London Marathon goes virtual

2020 saw the world go into lockdown and events went virtual. This didn't stop Melanie, who decided to take on the world famous London Marathon - virtually.
“The London marathon is something I would never normally be able to do, but since it went virtual, I thought it's now or never.”

Three is the magic number

"On reaching the last marker the safety crew were really encouraging so I headed for the slipway to get out – through yet more knee-deep, sludgy silt. The advantage of breaststroke was it kept me above it nearly to the water’s edge, but still had a few feet to wade through (I had silt in my toenails all day!)."

One ton marathon

"He wanted a goal that would push him to the limit of strength and endurance, both physically and mentally, so when a friend mentioned Ross Edgley’s 2016 car pull challenge, he was sold!">

Mel's marathon

"I’ve watched my friend cross the London Marathon finish line and now it’s finally my turn. I’m so excited for the buzz of the day but most importantly having the huge honour of being a Family Fund runner at their first ever London Marathon… and mine!"

Road to Kilimanjaro

"Reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro was the strangest feeling. For one second, I forgot that I could not breathe well, I wanted to take photos, but tears were running down my face."

Sharon's 1940's Tea Dance

"All her guests enjoyed the night and got involved with both the dancing and the history. "I was buzzing for a good few days after, and not only that, but the fundraising total at the end!" Sharon raised an incredible £1,301 for Family Fund."

The sky is not the limit

"To my surprise, the plane ride was not as awful as I had imagined. By this point I was strapped to a thankfully solid man called John in four different places. And, because I had no other option; I leant back against his chest, the wind whipping around our small plane too loudly for conversation to be totally possible and enjoyed a 25 minute cuddle with a total stranger."