Paul Oakley Offline donations: £190

I've decided to run a marathon. In the process I've gone a little bit overboard and now find myself with no fewer than 120 miles of races throughout 2016. I'd be really grateful if you'd like to show support of my efforts by donating to Family Fund, helping them to do even more for families across the UK. A full list of my races for 2016 can be found below.

Thank you!

26 March - Newport to Ryde 7 mile - My first (and last) multi-terrain race. I've learned to stick to the roads!
10 April - Sheffield Half Marathon - The hill is as brutal as it sounds, but well worth it for the achievement of completion and a half marathon personal best.
8 May - Leeds Half Marathon - The heat was unbearable. The real heroes on the day were those in their front gardens with hoses on the road.
19 June - Hull 10k - Despite living in Yorkshire for nine years, this was my first visit to Hull. I won't wait nine years before going again.
26 June - Donington Summer Running Festival 10 mile & 10k - A 10 mile race in the morning, followed by a 10k race in the afternoon for a total of six laps around the iconic racetrack.
10 July - Leeds 10k - My first sub-50 minute 10k and back in York in time to support the Ffunderbolts' Dragon Boat effort!
7 August - York 10k - Back to where it all started. This was my first ever race a year ago and I didn't think support from the crowds could get better. It did.
11 September - Vale of York Half Marathon - A huge PB, knocking over 6 minutes off my previous half-marathon best back in Sheffield.
9 October - Yorkshire Marathon - This is the big one! I've put in plenty of training but fully expect this race to be gruelling.
30 October - Sheffield 10k - Back to the Steel City to re-live the glory from April, but with slightly less hill.
20 November - Adnams Southwold 10k - What better way to round off the 120 miles than with a race organised by my favourite brewery? Plenty of beer will be consumed, in a responsible manner of course. Paul Oakley