Kym Kitching

So as most of you may know (because I don't shut up about it) I started working at Family Fund about 6 months ago and have loved pretty much every minute of it! I wanted to have a job where I felt like I was making a difference and I’ve certainly landed in the right place.

Family Fund believes that all families raising disabled or seriously ill children should have the same opportunities as others. They offer support through grants and services that can literally change a families life! What better cause to do something crazy for? 

Anywhoo- being slightly unfit (read: couch potato!) I doubt I'll ever run a marathon or climb a mountain. However, one thing I am really good at is falling over. In fact, I have it down to a fine art! So why not put this 'skill' to the test and fall out of a plane at 10,000ft? After all the hardest part of skydiving is only the ground... :S  

So, all of this is to say… Please, please, please consider donating, not only are you supporting and encouraging me to do something utterly terrifying but you're also helping an amazing charity!

Thank you :)

Kym Kitching