Family Fund Business Services is the trading subsidiary of Family Fund, set up to work in partnership with other charities, local authorities and housing organisations to share Family Fund’s grant administration and fulfilment experience.

In essence, Family Fund Business Services operates an online procurement portal, creating a one stop shop for hundreds of products and services, allowing local authorities, charities, benevolent organisations and housing providers to procure value for money goods. We can provide fulfilment of a wide range of essential goods and services including washing machines, fridges, freezers, beds, furniture, carpets, clothing, bedding, cash out services, energy vouchers and food.

The service is fast, efficient and provides tangible value for money, ensuring grant funds are maximised to benefit even more applicants. In our first four years, we have provided a range of solutions and fulfilled more than 250,000 orders for over 1 million items, helping organisations save time, money and, most importantly, deliver their aims and objectives.

We also use any profit that we generate to sustain and extend the reach of our work in supporting families. Since we began, we have gifted £3.6 million to help develop new services for families raising disabled or seriously ill children across the UK.

Visit the Family Fund Business Services website for more information.