If you’re raising a disabled or seriously ill child, we might be able to help. There are three things to consider when applying to Family Fund:

  1. Are your family eligible? We help families living in the UK on low incomes. Check our eligibility criteria to find out if this could be you.
  2. Is your child eligible? We use our own criteria to assess your child or young person’s additional support needs. Look at our child and young person eligibility criteria to see if we might be able to help.
  3. Get an application form. If you've read the information and think you would be eligible, you can get started right now and register to apply online, download an application pack or we can send a pack to you.

Applying for the first time, you can now register and apply online.

If you need help filling out our application form take a look at our application guidance document or watch our video on how to apply.

We accept one application per household. To apply on behalf of more than one child, please complete a full application form for one child and then a child details form for each additional child you are applying for.

Please note: If you are a family living in Wales, our criteria is a little bit different. Please visit our Wales application pages to apply.


If you have applied before you can register and apply online.

Once you have set up your online application you will be able to check your application’s progress and update your details.

You can also download an application form or ask for a pack to be sent to you.

Families who have not received a grant since 1 April 2020 are able to re-apply again now, rather than every 12 months.

From time to time we review your continued eligibility for a grant. We will let you know if we need to review your application and if we need to see any more information.

Please be aware that there may be a delay in receiving your grant item due to the impact of Coronavirus on our team and suppliers. Please visit our Coronavirus page for more information.

If you are unsure about any of the information provided or need further help, please contact us.


Additional documents that maybe useful for your application:

Download an application form.

Download our application guidance.

Download an additional child details form.

Download an ethnic monitoring form.

Download a bank details form.

Download our terms and conditions.

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