At Family Fund we are passionate about making a difference. That’s why there are our Group’s values:

We aim to show our values in all that we do and believe that they help make Family Fund a great place to work.

Our values in action

“As a First Contact Team officer, most of my role is to be in contact with families who apply for a Family Fund grant. I recently took a call from a mum of twin boys who had just applied and who was looking for help from our mobility scheme. The family has had a very difficult year as both parents have been furloughed and live in a remote area away from their family. Due to Covid restrictions, the twins have not been able to see any family members since they were born and their parents have been looking after them alone.

While we were on the phone, I learnt that this family was currently attending around nine hospital appointments a week. They heavily rely on their car, but unfortunately, it had just broken down and was beyond repair. Due to their children’s additional needs, using taxis or public transportation was really difficult.

After I got off the phone, I spoke to colleagues in various departments to see if there was any way that we could fast track the family’s application. This family had gone through such a tough year that we were all so passionate to help them. The family has now received a Family Fund grant and are also in the process of applying for mobility support. Overall, they contacted us, were set up and made eligible for mobility support in less than 24 hours!

I then called the family to tell them the great news and they were overwhelmed with our support. Having a car will make such a difference to this family’s life and really gave them a boost when they needed it.”

“As a First Contact Team officer, my role is to answer to families queries. A few weeks ago, a main carer called us to discuss a garden work request they had sent us. Due to the level of the quote, we had advised that we wouldn’t be able to help with that particular request and had asked them if there was something else that would make a difference.

During the call, she explained that due to a small fire, all the decking in the garden had been destroyed, which prevented her son going out. She told me how much he loved to be outside and how it helped him cope with difficult situations. Not being able to have this outside escape was proving very difficult for him, so she asked us to reconsider helping with this specific part of the garden works, as having only the decking rebuilt was considerably cheaper than the first quote she’d sent us.

I was determined to support her and her child, but I needed to connect with my colleagues to do that. I contacted the Grant Delivery Administrator who was working on her file; we discussed it, and within a really short period, they confirmed that the family could change their request. The award has since been made and the funds are now on their way to her.

The mum was so happy and thankful that we had taken the time to go the extra mile. For me, it really shows that with determination, we can better understand our families’ needs and find ways to help them. And above all, thanks to connecting with colleagues, we can all work together and support families in a way that will give enjoyment to the child, and make a real difference.”

“My job is to represent Family Fund and to identify and develop relationships and opportunities which support Family Fund to deliver on its strategic objectives within Scotland. I engage with families, organisations and policy makers.

Last year, I was at a Scotland information event, when I met a mum carer whose disabled daughter was in transition to adulthood. As happens all too often, since her daughter had left school, the family had become very isolated and finding activities that were appropriate and interesting to her daughter was extremely challenging. Mum was struggling to see how to change the situation and felt exhausted, with no space left for a life beyond caring.

We spoke about how vital it is as a carer to look after your own wellbeing and that it is a necessity, rather than a luxury to do so. I shared information about the support available via Family Fund, and we also discussed her rights as a carer.

It was a very positive interaction that left us both smiling. Later that day I received a wonderful text from her, thanking me for taking the time to speak with her. Having opportunities to personally demonstrate that Family Fund is supportive to carers is a real privilege. If families trust us enough to share their experiences with us, it is important that we actively listen. I am trying to practice this more, as it is often tempting to immediately jump in with practical solutions, but information is much more likely to be heard and acted on if we have first listened and demonstrated that we are here to support.”