Five quick steps to make sure you and your child are getting the most from your iPad

1. Set up your iPad

Our video, setting up your iPad, will support you to set up your iPad correctly. It can be tempting to hand the iPad to your child to set up, or set it up in haste and forget your password or passcode. If you do this, you might get locked out of the device and it can be difficult to get back in.

2. Explore!

Children often seem to know so much more than we do about technology. One of the reasons they are so ‘tech-savvy’ is because they’re not afraid to try things out.

Once you’ve got your iPad set up spend time playing with it to understand what it can do. Take a look at our getting to know your iPad and get connected videos.

3. Try out the accessibility settings

iPads have built in accessibility settings within the ‘settings’ app on your device. You can alter the settings on the iPad to help support your child’s needs, such as changing the font size, background colour, use a ‘reader’ function to read out text and much more. Take a look at our videos about different accessibility settings.

You can also try AbilityNet – For further advice and support about accessibility settings with AbilityNet fact sheets and free helpline. Just quote ‘Family Fund’.

4. Apply parental controls

This can include restricting the websites and videos your child uses, managing their ability to download or delete apps, and preventing them from accessing your email and other accounts. Usually, parental controls can be found in the ‘settings’ area of your device. There’s also Guided Access. You can use this feature to set timers that close apps after a fixed amount of usage and set the volume so your child can’t keep turning it up.

You can find out more about these settings by watching the following videos on restrictions, managing websites and screen time.

5. Visit the App Store

There are lots of useful apps available to support your child’s needs. You’ll need to set up your Apple ID to access the app store. Take a look at our video on how to manage your Apple accounts, Apple ID and iCloud.