Learn about iPads through video

If you can’t get to one of our training sessions or want to have a look for yourself, we have made some short films to help parents and carers use their iPads safely and to their full potential. The films cover the most popular topics with our families:

There are also three short films dedicated to customising accessibility features to meet touch, vision and hearing needs:

Our full range of videos cover a variety of tips from getting to know your iPad, getting connected, customising your iPad and screen time, as well as how to manage your Apple ID and iCloud accounts and keeping control of your child's iPad

Collection of resources and tips

Take a look at our blog on top tips to get the most from your iPad. 

We have also put together a collection of useful resources recommended by other parents and professionals to help you make the most of the internet.

Useful SEN apps on our Pinterest page

Our Pinterest page brings together a range of apps for iPads and tablets that have been suggested by parent/carers of children with special educational needs, and training professionals who deliver digital skills training to our families.


We offer grants to help families get online such as laptops, tablets and PCs, see more from our computers and tablets page.