Love to go to the cinema? Thinking of a trip to the Zoo? Longing for a day out at the seaside? Then a Day Trips grant could be for you.

On your application, please let us know the type of day trips that will suit your family’s needs, and include as much information about the type of activities that you and your family want us to support as possible.

Grants for day trips cannot be used for overnight stays. For those, you will need to request a Family Break. 

Read Donnie's Story to see how our days out grant helped him and his family.

How to use your grant

You will receive a letter offering you an award for Day Trips, which will include a bank details form that you must complete and return to us before we can process your grant.

Your grant does not need to be used on a single day trip, but as many as you can afford within the grant amount.

Please remember to keep hold of all the receipts.

You must use your grant within 12 months from the date on your award letter.

If you do not use the full amount provided, this can be returned to us, and you will need to contact us in order to do this.