Sam and Beth's Story

Beth and Sam are 12 and 13 years old, and live in Plymouth with their brother, Ollie, who is six, their mum Maria, and dad Christopher. Sam has diplegic cerebral palsy, and Beth had a major stroke aged two and a half. Read more

Joseph's Story

Joseph is 10 and lives with his mum, Catherine, in Nottinghamshire. Joseph has autism. Catherine says that “People need to know that autism is no different to having a broken leg, as in just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.” Read more

Setayesh's Story

Setayesh is ten and lives in London with her dad, Nasir. Setayesh is autistic, and Nasir is her main caregiver. Read more

Matthew's Story

Matthew is 14 and lives in a small village near Conwy with his mum, Anwen. Family Fund provided a grant for Matthew and his family to go on holiday before Matthew’s dad passed away from Leukaemia. Read more

Eleanor's Story

Eleanor is seven and lives in Cheshire with her mum, Zoe, and her brother. She has a rare genetic makeup which has resulted in a diagnosis of Cole-Carpenter syndrome with osteogenesis imperfecta, a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect bones. Read more

Jack's Story

Jack is nine and lives in Bromsgrove, Worcester with his mum Catherine and two siblings Oliver and Maisie. Jack has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Jack's story is part of Family Fund's #InTheirShoes appeal. Read more

Sienna's Story

Sienna is seven and lives in York with her mum, Caroline. Sienna is autistic and has some sensory difficulties. Sienna's story is part of Family Fund's #InTheirShoes appeal. Read more

Benjamin's Story

Benjamin is eight years old and lives in Warrington with dad, Alan, mum, Rachel, and his older brother. he has cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. Benjamin's story is part of Family Fund's #InTheirShoes appeal. Read more

Lyla's Story

Lyla is 11 and lives in Hampshire with her mum Scarlett, dad Ashley, and little sister Talia. She is autistic with severe sensory processing disorder. Lyla's story is part of Family Fund's #InTheirShoes appeal. Read more

Isla's Story

This week, we're raising awareness for World Autism Awareness week. We spoke to Carley about how her daughters diagnosis of autism has changed their family's life. Read more

Jack's Story

"Having something we could all enjoy together, and benefit Jack developmentally, was a priority." Read more