Maisie's Story

“We wouldn’t have been able to afford the hot tub by ourselves, and without it Maisie wouldn’t have access to the hydrotherapy that has been so beneficial to her."Read more

Thomas' Story

“Now Thomas is able to stay connected, and when the weather is nice, we are able to go to a park and meet up with the friends that he has made."Read more

Tyler's Story

“Our recent application was for a tablet... I wanted something that would entertain him, and help stay calm during the process.”Read more

Ryan's Story

"We wouldn’t have been able to do this family break if we hadn’t received a grant, and life would have been harder for our family without it.”Read more

Elliot's Story

"It’s hard to find something that they can all play with together. It improves his wellbeing all round really.”Read more

Freya's Story

“I found the application process really easy. We had a home visit, which was fine. The lady was very friendly, and it only lasted about an hour."Read more

Freddie's Story

"Now he knows that the den is his safe place, and that he can go in there if he is angry or frustrated."Read more

Danny's Story

“The garden has been great for Danny. It’s great for his physio, and it allows him to be more independent."Read more

Jack's story

“We decided to apply for an iPad. My son didn’t go to school for a while, because he had quite bad anxiety."Read more

Connor's Story

“The Citizen’s Advice Bureau put me in touch with Family Fund. I found the application process easy, and the home visit was absolutely fine."Read more

Samuel's Story

"Family Fund has been a huge support to us. I have friends who have been applying for years, and who have been telling me that I should apply."Read more

Alex's Story

“Without Family Fund’s help we would have had to use credit, which would cost me. Family Fund has ensured that I have not gone into the debt spiral..."Read more

Elena's Story

“Family Fund is a really great charity that provides things that families are in great need of."Read more

Kayleigh's Story

“We probably wouldn’t have been able to afford any of these things if we hadn’t heard of Family Fund. It’s been an absolutely amazing thing that has happened. Family Fund has been like fairy god parents.”Read more

Amy's Story

“Over the years we have received several things from Family Fund. We have had a washer, a fridge-freezer… then more recently the iPad."Read more