Sulaiman's Story

“We love the toys, because without the grant we would not have been able to afford them."Read more

Grace's Story

"We wouldn’t be able to afford sensory equipment, which Grace and her sister Faith get hours of enjoyment from, by ourselves"Read more

Harry's Story

"I have passed Family Fund’s details onto quite a few people I know who could be helped in the same way that we are."Read more

Hannah's Story

"Hannah puts 110 percent into everything she does, she’s so desperate to be the same as everyone else she gets incredibly frustrated."Read more

Aiden's Story

“I’m not the sort of person to ask for things, I would give someone my last penny, and wouldn’t usually ask for help so if Family Fund couldn’t have helped I don’t know what we would have done. “Read more

Ava Jane

"It’s brilliant that there is a charity out there like Family Fund who can help with the extra costs, it makes a huge difference.”Read more

Nadia's Story

"Nadia absolutely adored going to the seaside, she had never been to the beach before but we spent two or three hours each day splashing in the waves, walking on the beach and enjoying the sunshine."Read more

Eilidh's Story

"Eilidh has autism and a learning disability, so she can find busy, noisy environments overwhelming and stressful. I first heard about Family Fund from a friend who had also received a grant, when Eilidh was much younger"Read more

Erin's Story

"It can be challenging for us as a family, as she needs round the clock care, whether it’s medication or feeding or taking her to appointments. She certainly keeps me busy, but we try to make sure we have time for fun, too."Read more

Tiana's Story

"Family Fund has given Tiana happiness, freedom and a sense of independence, and helped our family by funding the things we couldn’t afford."Read more

Lailyn's Story

"We wouldn’t have had the means to buy Lailyn an iPad or a playhouse without the help from Family Fund but these things have such an impact on her life"Read more

Steven's Story

"He’s like a different boy on holiday, of course he still has to take his medication and do his physio, but getting away from it all allows him to be carefree and just be Steven."Read more

Kylan's Story

"I was amazed at how relaxed Kylan was when we were there. Since we’ve been back home he’s been a lot more patient with his brothers too."Read more

Tia's Story

"Her favourite thing in the world is her iPad, we bought it with a Family Fund grant a few years ago and it’s been a real life saver.”Read more

Autumn's Story

"We’ve turned the area under the stairs into a sensory den for Autumn where she feels safe and relaxed, and can go and chill out when things get too much for her."Read more