Reluctant to ask for help

“Family fund saved our sanity this lockdown” Read more

Asking for help is scary

"My world crumbled along with everything in it. Suddenly I felt completely helpless and powerless." Read more

Nothing to lose by applying

“It was the first time we had ever applied for any charity funding and I did feel slightly guilty.” Read more

The social stigma of asking for help

"I realised that there was no shame or stigma in accepting something that will help your child to develop and thrive. I eventually plucked up the courage to get in touch with Family Fund and have not looked back since." Read more

Never be afraid to ask for help

"I was quite proud that I had actually asked for help and very happy that we could have a family break." Read more

Music, bringing people together

"During dark days when I struggled to manage my own mental health, I reached out for my music." Read more

10 Ways to be a boss at single parenthood

"We have the tendency to neglect ourselves as our children come first." Read more

The sunflower lanyard

"The scheme recognises that many of us have disabilities or illnesses that aren’t immediately apparent to others." Read more

When your special needs child needs an operation

"We prepare ourselves as best we can, but the paperwork is scary with lots of advice and details about last meals. I think I must have read the information cover to cover three or four times." Read more

I am his voice

"I don’t tell him how to play, if organising dinosaurs across the landing makes him happy then I’m happy and those will stay there until he moves them" Read more


"This is my reality. I read other stories and see the realities of others, it’s a hard road." Read more

What will happen when I’m gone?

"Nothing is ever straight forward when you have a child with special educational needs (SEN), there is always planning needed for even the most basic of things." Read more

Communication is everything

"I cannot imagine the frustrations a non-verbal child or adult must go through on a daily basis." Read more

How our iPad workshops make a difference

'I’ve worked as a Service Delivery Officer at Family Fund for almost three years, and a big part of my role has been setting up the free iPad workshops that we run for parent/carers to learn how to make the most of their device.' Read more