"My son himself was smothered in sudacrem. My downstairs was ruined. Curtains, walls, sofa, and chairs everything covered in handprints."Read more

Mess or no mess

"She cannot cope when there is anything out of place, even when I am cooking she is clearing up around me."Read more

Ever stood on a Lego block?

"I make sure there are no books that are particularly loved because they run the risk of falling into Jude’s shredding hands. I also take out jigsaw puzzles and Lego as he will throw them around his room."Read more

Less is more

"I wish I was more comfortable with mess, as my seven year old daughter makes a lot of it and to be honest and so do I."Read more

Dealing with my mess

"I’m a believer in surface tidiness so looks can deceive, behind cupboard doors chaos reigns supreme. "Read more

Five reasons messy eating is good for you

"My daughter was tactile evasive as a toddler and would refuse to even touch anything squishy or gooey like banana or jelly."Read more

Humanity, empathy and kindness

"There are a few things that are really important to me but it always seems to gravitate back to one thing, humanity, empathy and kindness."Read more

We have our health

"What matters is we laugh, we learn from past mistakes, and we get out."Read more

Looking back over 2017

Looking back over 2017 - It's all about the feet!!Read more

Bullying in school

"Finally I got a meeting where the school said that he was being bullied. It was very hard to actually hear this."Read more

What’s important to me?

"There are many things important going into 2018, but the survival and well being of the NHS is the biggest priority for me."Read more

'Twas the night before Christmas

Routine out the window, B’s all of a flutter, Tears and frustration - the house is too cluttered. The colourful presents he pushes away What the heck’s with the oddly wrapped box anyway?Read more

Help me make it through December!

December can be a month of panic for many. Rushing to buy the must have gifts, panicking about money, stress of parties and kids nativities and Googling how long it takes to defrost a turkey!Read more

All I Want For Christmas is... Nothing

Through the course of our autism journey I have learned to adjust my expectations and balance introducing experiences to Joseph, which I feel he may enjoy, alongside letting him relax in his own world.Read more

Autism and present buying

Buying a present for a child with autism this Christmas? Here are a few tips to help you.Read more