Calming Crochet

"It amazes me that I can do this, partly because I’m left-handed. I tried teaching myself before and... I got in a mess."Read more

Is Your Hero Special?

"How many famous people with additional needs can you actually name without looking them up?"Read more

It's Time to Start Getting it Right

"Let’s tear down those barriers, because simply by focusing on peoples’ disabilities, we are immediately excluding them from society’s perception of their worth"Read more

A New Kind of Awareness

"I personally am very grateful for these shows as they spread an important message, that message being that there are people around us with autism, each so different from each other."Read more

Happy 70th Birthday

Today the NHS celebrates it's 70th birthday, so does Sue.Read more

Proving the doubters wrong

"People doubted it would last. People doubted everything about us really. In fact doubt has been a huge player in the last 20 years of my life."Read more

It will be ok

"I’ve always been that person who has had ups and downs in their life; don’t we all? But this time it was something so much more."Read more

Tammy & Wyatt

"Wyatt was born a collodian baby, this means he had extra skin, he looked like someone had poured boiling water over him"Read more

Our Story

"This was one of the hardest things to deal with, I knew my boy better than anyone and I knew it was more than a phase."Read more

Stood me in good stead

"All the other parents and I all stared at her in silence, in disbelief, in discomfort and confused at how such a well dressed lady could behave in such a manner."Read more

Doing OK

In a lot of ways I still feel very alone. But I have also met and made lifelong friends with other mums of children with additional needs and disabilities.Read more

My three boys

"I have three boys aged 10, eight and two and I’m a single mum."Read more

‘Put a name’ to it

"It was crucial to 'put a name' to it, as I knew it would get him the support he needed."Read more

Our normal family life

"We laugh a lot. We have now accrued a lot of shared family experiences, and it's always a comfort to return to them and have a reminiscing chuckle or two "Read more


"Everyone in my house is so different, that it sometimes halts us in our tracks."Read more