What will happen when I’m gone?

"Nothing is ever straight forward when you have a child with special educational needs (SEN), there is always planning needed for even the most basic of things." Read more

Communication is everything

"I cannot imagine the frustrations a non-verbal child or adult must go through on a daily basis." Read more

How our iPad workshops make a difference

'I’ve worked as a Service Delivery Officer at Family Fund for almost three years, and a big part of my role has been setting up the free iPad workshops that we run for parent/carers to learn how to make the most of their device.' Read more

There aren't enough hours in a day

"I would read a book! I would eat a hot meal while it was still hot, heavens, I would drink a HOT CUP OF TEA (can you imagine?). " Read more

Be a part of Autism with Love Publishing

Family Fund blogger Jodie has created her own publishing company with the aim of raising autism awareness. Read more

Struggling without appliances

My washing machine broke a while ago, and I had to hand wash everything, this was not enough to clear the build-up on his clothes, bedding and towels. #LivingWithout Read more

More than a washing machine

Incontinence created yet more washing. Fine motor difficulties resulting in food going on clothing at every meal making more washing again. #LivingWithout Read more

Communication leads to awareness

"I appreciate boys will be boys, and by no means do I think my boy is an angel, but each of these incidents affected him so much! " Anti-Bullying Week runs from 11-15 November. Read more

Learning from my daughter

"As I was thinking how to process such awful and disgusting words I remembered this story I wrote a few years ago." Anti-Bullying Week runs from 11-15 November. Read more

Looking back at difficult school days

“He was pretty miserable about going in today. I had to fight back the tears when I sent him in." Anti-Bullying Week runs from 11-15 November Read more

Thank you for helping him to find his voice!

"He can tell me when he wants a drink and what he wants to eat. It’s a start." Read more

Are mum's being forced into minimum wage jobs?

"This post means the most to me because as a working mum with a disabled child, a career was something I still felt was achievable." Read more

What I wish I had known when we got a Rare Genetic Diagnosis for my child

"Getting a rare diagnosis is scary and fraught with the unknown. Almost 5 years in to our journey these are my reflections of what I wish I had known at the start" Read more

The reason I don't like to eat

"This blog always reminds me that truly listening to someone is vital to understanding them. I hope this helps someone else." Read more


"We have been homeless for 7 weeks now and I have a lot of health issues going on as well as life dramas and general inconveniences, so tiny gestures from people have made a big difference." Read more