When my daughter Willow, was two years old, she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a devastating disease that robs children of the ability to walk, crawl, stand, sit and eventually swallow. As Willow grew older, getting her dressed was becoming a huge problem, getting her arms through sleeves was hugely difficult and jeans were a total no-go as they dug into her skin from being constantly seated.

I began researching adaptive clothing online but everything I found was medical looking and dull. This led me to thinking about whether I could set up my own adaptive clothing company. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, so, whilst chatting with my brother Dom one day, we decided to go into business together and in November 2016 we launched Willow Bug, the nickname I gave my daughter when she was born.

As it’s only me and my brother there’s always lots to do. We work from my kitchen table so once I’ve dropped the kids off at school it’s down to work, (well, after we’ve put the kettle on!) Our skills complement each other and we get on really well which certainly helps when you’re working with family!

Having Willow as the face of Willow Bug means that other families with disabled kids can relate to us. When they see Willow wearing our clothes in her wheelchair they get a good idea of how the clothing would work for them and their child. Willow’s favourite product is the fleece poncho, she loves the fact that I can dress her in it with minimum interference and her hands are free underneath to control the joystick on her powerchair.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had from parents, carers and professionals. It’s been so lovely receiving emails from our customers saying that a piece of our clothing has made their lives a little bit easier. It helps that I have a child with special needs myself as it means I can really relate to our customers and their needs.

Our clothes are functional and comfortable as well as being fun and funky and most of all appealing to kids. The clothing is desgined to be worn seated and is suitable for any child who uses a wheelchair, special needs buggy or spends most of their time in a seated position. I think we’ve made a good start and we have lots of new products in the pipeline.

Find out more about Willow Bug and receive an exclusive discount using the code 'familyfund10' at the checkout. Our clothes are functional and comfortable as well as being fun and funky and most of all appealing to kids.