There are many things important going into 2018, but the survival and well being of the NHS is the biggest priority for me. We in Britain are blessed to have this institution and people the world over, with good reason, envy us for our NHS! ‎As the mother of a disabled child, I depend heavily on the NHS. I can’t imagine life without it.

Reasonable provision of a good, solid education is also important to my family and me. With a good education and a reasonable work ethic, an individual can hopefully obtain a good job!

Affordable housing is important to me. Rents these days are going through the roof. People, more often than not, cannot afford a decent roof over their heads. I do believe it is vital to have affordable housing!

The emotional and physical well being of my two children is vital to me!

A good book to read is important to me as I tend to feel ill when I don’t have a good book to stimulate me intellectually.

A nice shower gel is important to me, I love scented shower gels.

Having the people in my life thankful for my being alive and in their lives, is important to me. Making a difference to the lives of those I meet, both physically and digitally, matters to me. If I can’t make people happy, I don’t want to make them unhappy either!

Finally, I am important to me.

Yasmin cares for her son who has Joubert Syndrome, this is one of her first blogs for Family Fund.