I am learning a huge amount about Jude and his current likes/dislikes this summer. Everything is so much more enhanced with Jude than it is Elsa/Emmeline. There is no reasoning, no rational thought that convinces him of any other way but his. It’s pretty much love or hate with everything in Jude’s world. Here are a few things I’ve noticed recently…

  • Jude will not let either of his sisters in his room. If he even sees Emmeline wander a meter or so near to his doorway then he starts freaking out and saying (in a whiny voice) “Go away Emmeline!” She is quite scared of this now and calls for me. I have no idea what he thinks Emmeline or Elsa will do to his bedroom. It’s hardly the picture of neatness and order so he can’t be afraid of them messing it up. He doesn’t have his blocks/toys/paper laid out in any particular order so it certainly isn’t that. He used to love sitting on his hammock swing with them but now they can’t even do that. It’s quite funny though…I had to tidy his room up a few days ago and snuck Emmeline in for a quick go on his swing whilst he was in the garden. He has an amazingly acute sense of hearing and must have heard the hammock ropes squeak slightly as he quickly dashed up to see what was going on. I scooped Emmeline into my arms and walked out his room before he could yell at us! I think Emmeline liked the act of sneakiness; she’s quite a mischievous child.


Back when Jude let Emmeline in his room. They used to love chilling on the hammock swing together.

  • Jude is more food obsessed than ever. If he isn’t asking to eat food, he’s enquiring about what food we like to eat or whether it’s good for us. “Are carrots good for you?” Mummy, do you like bread?” I’m not sure if this heightened obsession is out of boredom or just one of Jude’s extensions on an already very focal point in his life. He’s always been into eating, even when he was a toddler you could get him to do anything for a bowl of blueberries. Throughout his whole time at school, teachers have used a snacky treat as motivation to finish some work. I remember last year, he had a teacher he was very fond of and if he was particularly good for the morning then he was allowed to go and pick a piece of fruit from the staff fruit bowl. Or what Jude thought was the staff fruit bowl anyway. It worked most of the time and Jude was bribed into his work. I know this isn’t an ideal tactic but it gave him a target, made him concentrate for a little while when normally he wouldn’t have bothered. Looking back now, classroom lessons don’t suit Jude at all so I’m really pleased we are pursuing a different thread for him to follow into his secondary years.
  • Jude hates to get changed. A few days ago, I was in a massive rush to get out the house and Jude wouldn’t get dressed. This is actually what happened every day of the school week for the last few weeks of term, it was horrendous. To get Jude dressed, I had to wrestle him into his clothing. Literally. Not easy when he’s getting so big and has these gangly long legs and arms. I’ve been kicked in the head by flailing feet, smacked, pinched and hit. At the moment, it’s fine. I can take it. Give him another couple of years and I’ll not be able to do it anymore. Thankfully, now we are in the summer holidays Jude can go at his own pace. There is no rush knowing the school bus will be there any minute. Again, this is why I’m desperate for the council to agree to Jude attending this lovely residential school (Pray for our next Panel meeting on 14th August!)
  • Jude likes to talk. A lot. Walking around the shops late last week, I don’t think Jude stopped once for breathe. Let alone to work out if what he was saying made sense, was interesting or hadn’t already been said. He’s quite the parrot and repeats everything at least a bajillion times. And his conversations are nearly always made up of him just asking random questions. Top questions at the moment are: Is Granny coming soon? Do we have ice creams in the freezer? White ones? (he has a Magnum obsession) Where is Joe’s car? (At work, it hasn’t been nicked!) Where is the iPad? Is it lunchtime soon? Do pineapples grow on trees? *Repeat last question for literally every vegetable/fruit in the fridge. Is pizza good for you? Do you like tomatoes mummy? Can you help me?Now imagine being as these ALLLLLL DAAAAYYY LOOOONGGGG. This is partly why I’m so destroyed by the evening.
  • Jude has the best laugh ever. Because his moods have been so crazy erratic recently, when he’s in a happy mood it seems to show up more. When something tickles Jude, he totally loses it and can’t control his laughter. More often than not, in one of these laughing fits he ends up with tears running down his face and he can’t even speak. It’s hilarious! It can be really random things that make him laugh…a funny noise, a silly comment by me at bedtime, telling him a story with a pretend accent. For a while, he cried with laughter whenever he or I said the word “fridger” as a way of half making fun of him. He used to forgot what the freezer was called and mixed it up with fridge…or at least called it fridge but obviously remembered the “-er” from freezer! For a long time at bedtime, I’d say to Jude “hey Jude where are the ice creams?” and he’d reply “in the fridger” and then start cracking up! Love it.


I could go on but I’ll leave it with those few. I’m sure I will see a lot more of Jude’s traits and habits coming out over the holidays so will let you know what I learn.

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