What’s important to me going into 2018?

I’ve been thinking of this one a while, I don’t think there’s one particular thing that matters really.

This year I’m particularly looking at reducing my plastic waste, one that at the moment I’m feeling a little deflated about, but have faith. I can change more of my plastic waste!

I’m hoping that as a family we continue to be happy, we have our health and that’s the most important. Everyone wishes for other things, but I think as long as we’re healthy we’ll be ok.

I’m the same as the next person and for the new year going in with a healthier eating mission to lose weight, that’s more to be able to run after Z as the older he’s getting the faster he’s getting! Of course I’d love a nice clean house, we’re still in a mess from the work that’s been on-going since August, at least I have a house over my head messy or not! I’d love lots of money to be able to afford a cleaner, but of course that’s not going to happen - I’d never lose weight then!

What matters is we laugh, we learn from past mistakes, and we get out. We meet with friends, we meet for lunch, we live life to the fullest. Trying not to dwell on what could be, or how we could do something, this is the life we’ve been dealt we have to make the most of it!

The important part is we make lots of memories, good or bad!

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