Tyler is two years old, and lives in the West Midlands. “He has Cystic Fibrosis, which is genetic, and affects things like how your mucus travels around your body,” says his mum, Rebecca. “It causes blockages, and can bring about different infections in the chest and a lot of extra damage. There is a lot to it. We go to hospital every two to three months to have his check-ups. We have to do physio daily… things like that.”

“I have a niece who is has severe autism, and my brother has used Family Fund in the past to get her a couple of things. So I heard about the charity that way. Then my support worker mentioned that I should try and apply. We first applied to Family Fund last year, and I didn’t find it difficult at all.”

“Our recent application was for a tablet. As you can imagine, when Tyler has his treatments it can be quite boring for him. I wanted something that would entertain him, and help stay calm during the process.”

“I wouldn’t be able to have afforded it by myself. Tablets are hundreds of pounds, and we definitely don’t have that spare. It would be more challenging for Tyler if we didn’t have it, especially when we have to go to hospital. There isn’t much for him to do there, and it allows us to distract him while they are doing things like IVs, which aren’t very nice.”

“Family Fund is amazing. It’s a good thing that you are doing. It is so helpful for families like us, whose money is spent on extra needs. The extra help is great.”