‘Twas the night before Christmas, and throughout the UK,

Excitement was building- for Santa and sleigh!

We’d like to portray a warm cosy scene,

But the truth is unfortunately not that serene.


The past month at school has been crazy and busy

Nativities, shows, parties; it makes my head dizzy!

The kids are all tired and grumpy and such,

‘She punched me!’ ‘He scratched me!’ It’s getting too much.


At last they were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of snow angels danced through their heads.

The hubby and I had a cheeky nightcap,

And settled our brains for a (brief) winter’s nap.


Awoken next morning - 4:30, oh dear-

I’d been informed Santa had already appeared?

Mixed feelings arose as I rubbed my tired eyes

Festive fun? Happy families? Lies, lies, more lies!


Now for those of you ‘typicals’ this is gonna sound mad,

But here Christmas is like any other day to be had.

The seizures don’t stop, nor do B’s complex needs,

But the pressure to have one perfect day is extreme.


The girls want the warm, magic, glittery glow.

But Christmas is hard to pull off don’t you know?

New faces, new food and a present or ten

Means the house gets pretty scary and unpredictable, then:


Our boy who’s non-verbal, who can’t say a word,

Gets grumpy and cross trying to make himself heard.

The crosser he gets the more seizures we see

And the less he can cope with the Christmassy glee.


We try very hard but it’s most fair to say -

Autism and Christmas - not a fun mix, no way!

If we head out he can’t keep his temperature stable,

If we’re in? Hanging scarily upside down from the table.


Routine out the window, B’s all of a flutter,

Tears and frustration - the house is too cluttered.

The colourful presents he pushes away

What the heck’s with the oddly wrapped box anyway?


To those folk who love Christmas, it’s hard to relate.

In honesty each day we’ve enough on our plate!

With therapy and meds, nappies, PECS and the like,

Not to mention the sleep we don’t get every night.


With every intention to make good memories and cheer

We’ll keep on keeping on, year after year.

But life for us hangs in a balance you see

Not much room for manoeuvre or spontaneous glee.


So a plea from the parents of special kids UK wide,

Please don’t judge us - we truthfully really have tried

To put on a smile and make Christmas fun

But honestly and frankly just let it be done!


Lucy blogs as Revelations of a Slummy Mummy has a Facebook page of the same name.