The sun is shining, the nights are getting shorter Christmas seems like such a long time ago. Spring feels like it’s finally arrived, but I’m not all together convinced just yet! Jason the tortoise is back to enjoying a stroll around the garden enjoying the fresh taste of dandelions. We’re so close to summer and autumn seems ages away. 

Most people tend to spring clean, me? No! The thought of doing everything that needs to be done to the house, we’d still be here next spring! I have been sitting here lately looking at the mess; the walls need painting, the ceiling still needs to be plastered, after Z jumped a hole through it about 18 months ago now, maybe longer! But, I know if I start one room then I’m going to have to do my entire house, for what reason when Z will peel the wallpaper off or even the plaster? 

I tend to think more of the deep clean at the end of the summer holidays, six long weeks of Z home from school attacking every room as he goes.

Maybe the attitude of what we can’t do this year should change. Z shows me the new things he’s achieving daily. The new this month is officially applying for his passport. We’re going to try to go away! 

New for this year is our can-do attitude. We can do these things; (maybe not with a tidy home!) we can go out, splash in the sea and have fun. Hopefully we will be attempting a week in the alps in the snow at the end of the year, watch this space!

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