This week is Trustee Week and we have interviewed some members of our Board of Trustees to show the important work do as a volunteer, and to thank them for their contribution.

This is the second interview of three, Geoff Linnell.

1. What attracted you to become a trustee for Family Fund? How long have you sat on the Board?

After I was made redundant, I decided that my life was at a stage where I could build a small portfolio of organisations and companies for whom I could use my experience as a Non-Executive Director. I came across an advert for a trustee position at Family Fund, and after researching the organisation, I was very keen to apply. I was very impressed by the impact the charity has on the lives of those families it helps and thought I could apply my skills and knowledge to the organisation. I joined the Board in December 2014.

2. Do you do any other volunteering or are you involved with any other charities?

I support my wife who has an active role with two charities; Harvey’s Army, and Cherished Gowns for Angels. Alongside supporting my wife’s involvement with these charities, I am a board member of a housing association that supports a significant number of disadvantaged people.

3. What have you enjoyed most about being a Trustee?

For me, the biggest benefit is seeing the achievements of the organisation and how it changes lives for the better. This can be something as small as hearing about a telephone call that helped a family through a difficult time, or as large as the 80,000 plus families Family Fund helps each year. I’ve also really enjoyed meeting a diverse range of people through my involvement with the charity.

4. What have you felt has been the biggest achievement in your role as trustee?

Being part of a board that has supported the charity to seek new opportunities and better secure its future whilst maintaining the balance with our core vision and values.

5. What would be your top piece of advice to anyone thinking about becoming a trustee of a charity?

Don’t hesitate to do it, it’s so rewarding, but at the same time make sure you are able to make time to fulfil your commitments as a trustee. Each charity is so critical to those it helps, so it will take up more time than you might think, but it’s worth it when you see many brilliant outcomes, they make you want to give extra every day.

Are you interested in becoming a trustee?  Family Fund is recruiting, find out more on how you can help change the lives of disabled children, young people and their families.