Four-year-old Tia sustained a brain injury before birth, her mum Marie told us “Tia wasn’t expected to survive but against the odds she did. She has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, which limits her physically and means she uses a wheelchair, and is non-verbal and tube fed. But even though she has these challenges she’s usually a really happy, smiley little girl!”

“She’s turning 5 soon and she’s very intelligent but her body won’t co-operate, so when we’re painting, playing with sand, doing jigsaws and things, I have to move her hands for her, and she’s definitely starting to get frustrated with it, because she’s starting to understand more. Her favourite thing in the world is her iPad, we bought it with a Family Fund grant a few years ago and it’s been a real life saver.”

“This year I applied for a grant for a wheelchair hood and a Flexzi iPad holder which attaches to her wheelchair. I had heard good things about the holders but it wasn’t until we got the grant and bought it for Tia that I realised how much of a difference it would make for us. Before, taking Tia out to the shops and things was really difficult and stressful because she would get bored and frustrated, but the Flexzi means she can watch her programmes on the move, which keeps her entertained and means I can do the jobs I need to do without worrying that Tia will get upset. Family Fund has been a massive help and I’m really grateful for the support we’ve had.”