Nine-year-old Tiana loves writing, whether it’s stories, letters or writing about her day in her diary. She also enjoys riding her bike and has made her mum proud by learning to ride without stabilisers thanks to hard work, determination, and a grant for a brand new bike. Her mum, Jeanette said “Tiana was diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder and anxiety at the age of six, but she has also been seeing a physiotherapist since before her diagnosis, as she has hypermobility. This can make it really hard for her to do things like ride a bike because coordination is harder for her, and her joints can be really painful.”

“Tiana had cycling lessons at school but she needed her own bike to take part, so we applied to Family Fund for one. She was really happy about having a bike of her own and this definitely spurred her on to try her best in the lessons, as it gave her something to look forward to. She used to watch other kids on their bikes out of the window and get quite upset about it, but now she is able to ride her own bike by herself after lots of practice and hard work, I’m really proud of her.”

“My kids grow so fast and it’s hard to keep up with buying them new clothes all the time, I applied previously for a clothing grant which allowed me to take them shopping for new things, and last year we received a grant for a computer for Tiana to help her with her school work which has really helped and which I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. Family Fund has given Tiana happiness, freedom and a sense of independence, and helped our family by funding the things we couldn’t afford. They are an amazing help and great support, I wouldn’t hesitate or worry about applying as they are very helpful and will try their best to help.”