The recipe to be a perfect parent...

Time + Patience + Love + Knowledge

Now, before you have children you imagine becoming this perfect parent. In my mind a perfect parent is one of those parents who have so much time for their child, always taking them out on day trips with a homemade packed lunch, will sit down and read to their child every night and who always looks presentable. I also thought I would always look glamorous as a mum but in reality I could not care what I look like half the time!

In reality I now know that no one is a perfect parent as life is not always perfect no matter how much money or time you have, you just can't be perfect all the time. I take the boys out on day trips and we forget our lunch so we have to make a mad dash to the shop for some sausage rolls and bits. I look around and see families who have homemade stuff and I think to myself why can't I be like that and actually be organised?

In the world we live in today everyone judges, it's just the way it is, everyone does it at some point. I believe people judge me as a parent as I look a lot younger than I am (31) and I have three boys who I call my little hooligans! I also have a disabled son so I know people look at me and judge, some days I do get it wrong and I'm the first to admit this, but as long as I try. I love and listen and I know sometimes I am that perfect parent in someone's eyes.

Raising children is hard, so hard, and as parents we really should work together to help each other and to educate each other. We are all specialists in some area of parenting that may be poo explosions or getting your child to do homework (I need to find the person who can do this to help me).

I now know that there is no such thing as a perfect parent however you are a perfect parent in the eyes of some little humans and that is all that matters.

I write this blog from a hospital chair sat next to my very poorly little boy. I also have two other little boys at home. I could massively beat myself up now about the other two missing out, but I'm working this to the best of my ability at the moment. As I said earlier, life is not always perfect, we just have to work with it.

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