Our little Neave is a Super Trooper. No matter the hurdle she will attempt and usually succeed in achieving her goal - whatever that goal may well be - she really does give it her all.

We recently discovered through a meeting with our daughter’s neurologist that Neave has a form of MS in her hands and feet, which apparently could be linked to her neurological chromosomal deletion. This held such fascination for me as I absolutely couldn’t believe that I had not even noticed the degree of lack of flexibility in my daughter’s hands and fingers. Her poor little feet have always had a rough life bless them, starting out with twists and turns in the womb leading to a form of positional tailpipes. Neave stumbling, tripping and falling was very apparent, but her inability to flex her thumb or fingers to the same extent that mummy and daddy could was a new additional extra. Neave finds it difficult to hold a pencil or crayon and cutlery had always been a second option for delivering food to mouth - hands are easier and so much more fun!

Neave had just started primary school and we had noticed that she had shown a keen interest in computers or at least the keyboards that were attached to them. Who knows, Neave may well be a budding ‘Techno-Enthusiast? Neave’s school at the time didn’t have access to keyboards or computers for many of the children to use all at once, or tablets for that matter and certainly not iPads. So we knew that at least whilst Neave was at home she should be able to practise her keyboard skills. So to develop this interest we decided to splurge on an iPad. She could tap the keys, enjoy the visuals, learn and play - an all-rounder we thought.

We bought the iPad, it was delivered in days and Neave was overjoyed. Neave got right to it, tapping away at the keypad, typing furiously - she didn’t ask for or want the latest new app or even a game at this stage - the keyboard seemed to be the key to communication. Neave showed us that she could type her own name with a little bit of help at first - but by George she had got it!

Neave had clearly had the ability to remember how her name was spelled - she was just finding it difficult and somewhat painful to write it using the standard pencil to paper method. Her poor little hands just didn’t have the flexibility or strength of grip - typing was SO much easier.

My husband diligently proceeded to buy her ‘Meet the Alphablocks’, a CBeebies Spelling App which was a dream come true, as we recognised that our little Neave could spell out words all by herself. Although her penmanship was difficult to say the least - her typing has come on leaps and bounds. The iPad apps are now a continuing saga of learning and our little trooper still enjoys tapping out her name, mummy, daddy, her little sister’s name and any other word that she has added to her ever increasing vocabulary. Neave had shown us that SHE had evolved past penmanship - SHE wanted to type - SHE wanted to communicate with us, SHE wanted to learn and to grow. Here’s to The Power of Technology!

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