Kirsten writes...

I have three beautiful children, two boys and one girl. Mackenzie, Caelan and Delilah-Rose.

My son Mackenzie who’s 11 years old has multiple endocrine deficiency, along with other high complex needs. He’s also wheelchair dependent.

Caelan is six years old and he has epilepsy and other complex needs.

Then I have Delilah-Rose. She’s four years old and loves doing most things, but her all-time favourite is going shopping and going to nursery to see her friends.

I’d say tea time for us is probably the most unenjoyable time of the day, even though it’s meant to be about family time and enjoyable. I also worry about asking family members for tea or dinner and I absolutely dread to go anywhere for meals out with them. 

If the children aren’t fighting about who’s sitting where, it’s my son moaning because he’s asked for a yellow plate and we’ve given him a green or he’s asked for something (normally something like takeaway) and we cooked something else then he won’t eat it.

Or even if we’ve accidentally cut his food up and he’s not asked us to cut it, he then refuses to eat it. Even if we do it all the right way exactly how he likes it, he always finds something to moan about. 

My other son who literally loves to eat and doesn’t stop, if we’d let him he’d eat day and night all day everyday. He’ll want mayonnaise or ketchup on his food and tries to eat just that so we have to limit it.

Then once he’s finished he’ll kick off trying to pull his brother or sister out the chair, or try hitting out at us in such an aggressive way, like punching, kicking or spitting.

He’ll try rocking his chair trying to tip it over and if there’s food still left on the table it’s becomes so much harder, so we have to dart around taking all the plates away before he notices.

My daughter just tries to copy her brothers and then sometimes won’t eat, and it becomes extremely hard.

So what should be fun turns into a complete disaster. I’ve sat many of times just wondering why we bother having tea altogether.

And that is what tea time is like for us.

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