Just recently we were at a hospital appointment. The parking is a nightmare, there’s never a disability bay and cars just park any old shape. This day was no exception. I knew I couldn’t keep driving around because Z was getting stressed out. I knew there was no chance of me walking him from the housing estate across the road and at this point wasn’t sure if I’d even get him in his buggy to get him there safely. I asked the security man, who was stood giving a ticket to another car, where else there was to park. “Nowhere” he replied. I explained Z was getting stressed and he kindly sent me via the ambulance parking and told me to park there. The whole time we were in the hospital I was expecting a ticket when we got out. But no, no ticket!  

We get into the hospital and there’s three people in front of Z, that’s fine we can go for a walk. 30 minutes of walking the same patch of hospital and then it got quieter so we sat down. Z was starting to lose all patience, I had a handful of mints that kept him occupied, and he had his tsum tsum poster.  

Still waiting, and now the mints are all gone! A lady waiting for a family member offered him some of her mints. The whole ‘don’t accept sweets from strangers’ went out the window and I said, “Go take a mint from the lady!” Of course, Z took the pack! I told him to give the packet back but the lady said “No, keep them in case you need them. I have a grandson with autism I know what it’s like.” We did need them! That packet of mints allowed him to wait the next 10 minutes and got him through the doctor’s appointment. 

Just before being called he posted his poster down the radiator. Now I was stressing that I wouldn’t get him into the room without that poster. A nurse then went and got a pair of scissors and pulled the poster out, handed it back to Z and we could go into the room quietly! 

To finish it all off the doctor wrote on his notes he’s not to wait again!  

It’s not often we get one person helping or understanding. That day, we had not one but four, four people who understood and helped. It made the hospital appointment much less stressful; the doctor understood and didn’t even try to examine Z so when he goes back to see him, he won’t be stressed. 

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