Time can feel very different.

I’d say time is dragging in regards to Z growing up. With him being so small when he was born he felt like a ‘baby’ for a good 18 months. Then as a toddler he was still babyish. Now at five he is in nappies and pre-verbal, he’s still like a baby. 

But yet time has also flown, I feel Z has been here for far longer than five years. I look back beyond the last six years and things are distant memories, ones before Z was born but they seem far longer.

Time for myself, I’d say what’s that? I’m getting the chance to go to Nordic walking now we have respite for Z. I can also leave Z with his dad and head out on my own. If that’s to a mate’s for coffee or even just a look around the shops it’s still my time. I’m lucky, I love to go to review shows at theatres and that’s a great bit of me time, time to get out of the house, grab some food and relax. 

Getting time as a married couple doesn’t really happen. I think the last time we went out together was my mate’s wedding that was two years ago! Time since then has, again, flown!!

My alone time when Z is at school is home, breakfasts, clean, work.

Z gets home and makes a mess everywhere. It’s like Groundhog Day! 

There’ll never be enough hours in the day to achieve everything. At least with the warmer, lighter evenings it means that when I do clean during the day, Z can play outside. I’ll take him to the park or he’ll just play in the garden, meaning he won’t trash the house, giving me that little extra time to enjoy the sun in the garden with a book! 

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