Mya has been in and out of hospital all her life. We nearly lost her as she stopped breathing at 8 months old. As a child Mya never spoke. She communicated by drawing and Makaton.

She would draw pictures of people and when she would come home she would draw her day. Which showed the kids and their expression. Mya is an amazing drawer. She has designed her own characters. She’s donated pictures for charity and raised money. She’s been in short breaks magazine and has t-shirts and items made. 

Joejoe is autistic. He has so much energy and has no awareness of danger. Joejoe is a kidfluencer on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. He loves all the new toys and slime he gets from toy companies. And he loves all the new friends he makes. He's a little super star.

The thing that hurts me is when people say they feel sorry for me. I say to them god has given me two beautiful souls that most parents couldn’t handle, and I will never give up on them.

The biggest impact in my life, which keeps me going, is my two special children. I have learnt to see through their eyes, how they see life and the world. It makes me feel at peace as they only want love and understanding from us.

I believe in them and I will always protect them from people that don’t.  

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